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65K in Pa. remain without power after storm

remain without power after storm - Yahoo News

More than 1 million clients lost power in the http://www.sexcams1.info storm's peak.
Utility crews have been progressively restoring energy since the particular Wednesday storm knocked down trees and also snapped energy lines primarily inside the Philadelphia area.
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The latest outages Sunday morning contain more than 29,000 consumers within hard-hit Chester County, as well as concerning 14 percent of clients who obtain electricity coming from PECO, the actual dominant power utility within the state.
PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- The Actual variety of consumers without power inside Pennsylvania offers fallen to about 65,000 following peaking with 849,000 inside the state next the midweek snow and ice storm.

Maryland officials reported practically 500 customers nonetheless without having energy as involving 9:30 a.m., up from regarding 300 just a few hours earlier..
Montgomery County had with regards to 14,000 consumers with out electricity, while Bucks County had almost 12,000.
65K in Pa

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