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South African couple rows 6,500 miles from Morocco to New York City


June 20, 2014: Riaan Manser and also Vasti Geldenhuys row into The Large Apple Harbor. (Reuters)

A South African couple made a huge splash Friday after they capped an unbelievable six-month, 6,500-mile journey from Morocco for the Huge Apple -- via rowboat.

Riaan Manser along with longtime girlfriend Vasti Geldenhuys created the particular arduous trek inside a small -- nevertheless high-tech -- 23-foot rowboat referred to end up being able to as "Spirit involving Madiba" starting about Dec. 30 and ending Friday at the Statue associated with Liberty.

"We had been naïve. We thought the particular Atlantic could be this watch now relaxed little pond which you just row across," mentioned Manser, 40, sporting the lengthy beard along with shaggy hair. "By the fifth day, we were declaring to each along with every other, what is likely on? Goodness gracious. That must be described as a lot calmer. The Actual sea was very, very, extremely angry."

The exhausted, sun-kissed couple has been tugged uptown towards the 79th Street Boat Basin Friday afternoon exactly where these were greeted with a throng http://www.ebony.com/store of supporters, which includes the actual mayor regarding Johannesburg.

The globetrotters, that have been together with regard ebony web cam to 15 years, estimated it took 3.6 million rows between these phones reach New York. The Actual strenuous workout began early in the morning and also lasted pertaining to eight hours - split in between four-hour blocks - the day.

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